My debut full-length poetry collection, Erou, is forthcoming in fall 2019 from Four Way Books. Until then, you can find some of my published poems at the publications listed below.



"Poem Ending with a Scene of a Woman Alone" | American Literary Review

"The Woman," "Sometimes my father is a roaming hunger," "In Which My Mother and Father Meet for Brunch After His Death," "And/Or," "Of Late" | West Branch

"At the Doctor's Office" | The Boiler

"Revision," "Losing His Cool" | The Gettysburg Review

"Offering" | Vinyl

"Persephone, Engaged" | At Length

"Erou" | Hayden's Ferry Review

"A Kind of Temperament" | BOAAT

"Daddy says," "Say," "Ode to My Father's Failed Kidney," "Currency," "My father dreams of the sky" | Ghost Proposal



"The Kindly Ones," "Theme in Red" | Anomaly



"Sunnydale High Student No. 23" | FreezeRay Poetry